About Us

olafnewMy name is Olaf. I was born in ‘69 in the Netherlands. I have been living in Sabah since 2000 where I first fell in love with the country and then met my wife Wana. We got married in 2001 and had our first child (Hakim) in Aug 2004 and our second (Aishah) in Nov 2005.

Bored working with computers, I decided to do something different in my life and I started tour-guiding in Sabah, after doing a 4 month tourist guide course in a local college in Kota Kinabalu. In 2002 we bought land next to the river and together with Filipino workers we built our dream house in 5 months. I designed the house so that we could accommodate paying guests to cover the cost of living. I combine the B&B with freelance guided tours/expeditions etc.

So many people have already stayed in our house and I hope that for the years to come, many tourists will visit Sabah and maybe those who are reading these lines can come and visit me and my team in Kota Kinabalu. Everybody is most welcome.

Since.. it is not possible to do this alone, let me proudly present: My team:

WanaWana, the CEO of the company: Fulltime job outside, with many hobbies, and still managing me and my family ;). Always following the latest trends, like Zumba, singing, sewing, shopping, candy crush, facebook and many more. She is the silent force, behind our success.

OmaOma, the Homestay Director. She takes care after your needs, cooks your breakfast, serves your drinks, and can wash your dirty clothes. She even makes special anti-leech socks, and sells them to potential jungle trekkers

Aishah & HakimHomestay Assistants: Hakim and Aishah, are the welcoming ceremony. They help bring the drinks, if they are not bicycling with friends outside.

So.. if you are interested, send your email to olaf@sabah-borneo.com, and I will propose a good holiday program for you in Borneo.

Best regards,
Olaf Borneo.