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olaf leech sock

Going to the jungle? Protect yourself from leeches!

Leeches are very common in the Borneo Jungle. They do no harm but once bitten, the bleeding is difficult to stop. It is advisable to protect yourself with anti leech socks.

There was a local guide who told me a story about his mom, who was making these socks, and he was selling the socks to his guests. I thought it’s a good idea, so I discussed this with my mother in-law (Oma) and since then, we have produced many leech socks! They are fully tested in Borneo, and locally hand made.

Who needs to buy those socks? If you go to Tabin Wildlife and Danum Valley, then you need to buy them. Also if you go off track in jungles, like in Maliau or Crocker, and even in Sepilok, then.. you will need them. But.. if you are less adventurous and you are not going to above mentioned places, then.. no worries, you don’t need to buy them, but if you like to sponsor my Oma, then.. please buy ;).

How does it work? Wear long trousers and socks. The leech sock goes over your sock and trousers. Put them in your shoe and you are ready to go. These socks come with a quick closing button, and during your walk they will not fall down (all other Borneo socks do fall down).

Leeches can bite through normal socks, but.. not through leech socks. I have tested this in the jungles myself.

I got 3 sizes: M, L, and XL. M is from small to Euro size to 35, L is from Euro size 36 to 43 and XL is from Euro size 44 and larger.

Price: RM35 per pair and RM10 for worldwide shipping.

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Payment is with Credit Card or your Paypal account. After I received your payment i will send the package by Post. This will take at least 3 weeks to arrive (from Malaysia to Europe) and a few days within Malaysia. You also can send me an email to:

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