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Sarawak: Main attractions are Kuching City, Bako National Park, Iban Longhouses and Mulu Caves. From Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, fly to Kuching. Then do the tours you prefer and fly then from Kuching to Mulu, for the Mulu National Park or direct to Kota Kinabalu.

*Price is for One Person with a Minimum of 2 Persons Per Tour.

KuchingPackage NamePrice
Bako 200x100 Daytrip Bako National ParkRM315
Bako 200x1002D/1N Bako National ParkRM585
Semenggoh Semenggoh Orang Utan CentreRM125
Iban blowpipe 200x1003D/2N Lemenak River / Iban LonghousesRM1145
bamboo cooking 100x2003D/2N Ulu Batang Ai / Iban Longhouses RM1315
Hilton Batang Ai 200x1003D/2N Hilton Batang Ai Resort + daytrip to Iban LonghouseRM1215
Mulu National ParkPackage NamePrice
Mulu Cave entrance 200x1002D/1N Mulu + 4 showcavesRM755
Mulu Bats 200x1003D/2N Mulu + 4 showcavesRM1165
Pinnacles 200x1004D/3N Mulu + 4 showcaves + PinnaclesRM1915
headhunters trail 200x1005D/4N Mulu + 4 showcaves + Pinnacles + Head Hunters TrailRM2795

Sabah: Main attractions are Islands of coast from Kota Kinabalu for snorkeling, Mount Kinabalu for climbing or a day tour including Poring Hot Springs, Sandakan for a wildlife experience. Lahad Datu for jungle experience and the islands in Semporna / Mabul + Sipadan for excellent snorkeling and diving.

*Price is for One Person with a Minimum of 2 Persons Per Tour.

Kota KinabaluPackage NamePrice
Kinabalu World Heritage Sign 200x100Daytrip Kinabalu Park + Poring Hot SpringsRM295
Kinabalu Summit 200x100Kinabalu SummitRM2200
mari mari Mari Mari Cultural VillageRM195
kiuluKiulu Whitewater RaftingRM160
padasPadas Whitewater RaftingRM225
crocker Crocker Range National Park + waterfall trekkingRM195
KK islands Daytrips to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (islands in front of KK)RM60
kliasKlias Wetlands tripRM195
pulau tiga 3D/2N Pulau Tiga Resort (Survivor Island) RM1040
Maliau 200x1005D/4N Maliau Basin.
(Hardcore jungle trekking expedition)
Please email me for more info.
SandakanPackage NamePrice
sepilok 2D/1N Sepilok + Abai SafariRM1150
Turtle 2D/1N Turtle Escape (+Sepilok / Sunbear / RDC)RM1450
Proboscis 3D/2N Sepilok + Abai + Sukau SafariRM1610
turtle on beach 3D/2N Turtle + Sepilok + Abai SafariRM1785
rivercruise 4D/3N Turtle + Abai + Sukau SafariRM2300
Lankayan Island Resort 4D/3N Lankayan Island ResortSee on www.Dive-Borneo.Com
Lahad DatuPackage NamePrice
Tabin thumb3D/2N Tabin Wildlife EncounterRM2270
Danum 3D/2N Danum Valley, Borneo Rainforest Lodge fromRM3460
Werren thumb Silam - Taliwas Ride RM670

  • Many resorts for perfect snorkeling and diving: Mataking, Pom Pom, Borneo Divers Mabul, Sipadan Mabul Resort, Kapalai Sipadan Resort, see for more info on

Rates are for 2 adults, per person. Rates can change without notice. Valid till 31 March 2018.

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