Had a Fantastic Time!

Hi Olaf.

We just returned from our Kinabatangan adventure on Sunday and both the Mintons and the Bowlers had a fantastic time. Everything went very smoothly and we were very impressed with SI tours, and the organization and the facilities they provided. We especially appreciated the transfer to Sukau/Abai by boat, and having spoken to people who made the journey by car we are very glad you recommended this option. Thanks!

  1. I thought you might appreciate a little bit of feedback/info on our observations. Again, everything was fantastically organized, and we were very positive about our experience – just a few minor points:

  2. Abai was fantastic. Since this was billed as the “village” stay portion of our trip, I was worried it would not be as scenic or peaceful as the Sukau portion – but to the contrary – I felt this lodge had more of a “jungle” feel. All the beautiful flowers attracted an amazing array of sunbirds, and there was even a wild orangutan in the tree between our cabin and the one next door for most of our first afternoon there! The circular boardwalks behind the lodge were wonderful.

  3. The KRL was great, and the staff were very accommodating –but a wedding taking place next door meant it was VERY noisy in the evening with Karaoke going on until midnight or so. I guess this was an unusual one-off event – but one that might put some visitors off.

  4. Basri was a Fantastic guide – very knowledgeable and very attentive.

  5. The oxbow lake up in Sukau has been blocked off due to a log jam that occurred during the last floods a few weeks ago. It might be worth advising guests that this will not be on the itinerary until it is cleared somehow.

  6. The tree planting was a great activity, and we were really glad to be able to do it with the kids. We were hugely impressed with all the community investment that SI tours is making in the Abai village area. However, I felt that this activity could have been even more beneficial to us and the kids with a little more formal explanation of how the project is run, what it’s aims are etc. This was explained to us as we were planting, and only because we asked questions. A little presentation beforehand would have been really useful. We also had our doubts about how effective the planting actually is as the seedlings/saplings are being placed extremely close together and there is evidence that many have been trampled by people coming to and from the area.

  7. We much appreciated the free availability of coffee/tea and water in both lodges, and the use of soap dispensers with biodegradable soap rather than individually packaged soaps and shampoos. We wonder whether it might be possible to suggest to SI tours that they take this one step further, and, as is done in Danum Valley, they refrain from putting any plastic bottles in the room and encourage visitors to refill their own bottles from dispensers instead. This would eliminate another source of plastic waste.

  8. We will be passing on your contact details to a few more friends here in Miri who are keen to do similar trips! Hope you and your family are well and enjoying the year of the Tiger.

    Take care, Gianna (The Minton Family)